Here at Seacoast Energy Solutions, we make it easy to switch! Just follow two easy steps to tell us what you need and when you need it, and we'll be on our way!

STEP 1: Tell us what you need ...

What type of fuel do you use?

What is your basic contact information? We will need your name, address and social security to set up your account.

Do you rent or own your property? If you rent, we will also need your landlord's information.

What tank do you have? We'll need to know type and size as well as location of the fill.

What is your fuel being used for? Is your demand for just heat or heat and hot water? Is there anything else? Do you know how much fuel you typically use per year and how much fuel is currently in your tank? With this information, we can go ahead and schedule your first delivery.

What does your house look like? This will help us when we make our first delivery.

Do you also use Propane or Kerosene?

Do you have any special requests, like an automatic delivery schedule? Contrary to what you might think, automatic delivery doesn't mean you have to receive fuel on a schedule to suit us, like every two or three weeks. Based on the information you give us regarding your usage, we follow degree days to calculate when you will next need a delivery. Or you can tell us when you want us to deliver, even if it's just once or twice a year — whatever your tank capacity, we have the resources to keep you running all year long. For more information regarding automatic delivery, call us at 207-563-7188 or click here.

Are you interested in our Service Plans? Fuel Purchasing Programs? We will be happy to explain these to you, or you can learn about them now by going to Service Plans and Fuel Pricing & Discounts.

STEP 2: Tell us when you want it!

Once you've initiated your account, we will schedule our first delivery. When we arrive we will need access to inspect the tank, so we do ask that someone be home at the time of the first delivery. The inspection will take no more than two or three minutes and is required by our insurance company.

Call us today at 207-563-7188 or click here and we'll get you on your way to your first delivery from Seacoast Energy Solutions.

Start getting more from your energy supplier today!

At Seacoast Energy Solutions we are committed to delivering an exceptional level of customer service. As a locally owned Maine company, we take great pride in giving our customers MORE ways to save and service that delivers MORE peace of mind.

Whatever your energy needs:

  • On-time arrival for a scheduled tune-up
  • Prompt response for a service call in the middle of the night
  • Reliable delivery of fuel in the midst of wintery weather
  • Expert advice on how to decrease fuel consumption

You can depend on Seacoast Energy Solutions ... we deliver more!

Need more information? Contact us here or call our office at 207-563-7188.

Thank you for choosing Seacoast Energy Solutions, committed to be your supplier of choice!